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Portfolio Management Strategies

Committing to and following a sound, long-term investment strategy is one of the most important keys to investment success.  A sound investment strategy must:

  • Provide effective diversification
  • Work in different market environments and time frames
  • Be flexible
  • Fit your personal needs & goals

At Northwest Financial Group, LLC, our asset management methods and investment strategies through LPL Financial seek to manage the risks and fulfill those needs.

We offer several fee based strategies:

Enhanced Income Portfolio – Income

Designed as a total return strategy for the conservative investor, the Enhanced Income Portfolio objective is to generate higher returns than bank certificates of deposit.  Its first priority is to generate current income with some potential for growth.  Its secondary objective is to preserve capital by limiting losses. 

Dynamic Global Growth Portfolio – Diversified Growth

Designed as a total strategy for the growth-oriented investor.  Dynamic Global Growth Portfolio was created to provide exposure to the best performing styles and sectors within the global stock & bond markets. It is actively managed, and it will primarily move in and out of investments based upon our quantitative trend following models.  We employ a well-defined sell discipline to control risk and limit exposure to large capital losses.

All Cap Growth – Aggressive Growth

This portfolio is designed for aggressive investors who want to invest in companies with higher than average projected growth rates.  We use multiple qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to identify a core group of high quality, well-run companies with exceptional earnings growth potential.

All Cap Growth Balanced – Aggressive Growth with Income

This is the same strategy as All Cap Growth; however we allocate 30% to fixed income investments in effort to reduce the risk by diversification.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.