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Our Process

Our Process for Pursuing Better Risk-Adjusted-Returns 


One of the fundamental principals of Northwest Financial Group, LLC is to provide our clients with exceptional investment management.  We utilize a meticulous 4-Step Investment Management Process to pursue our goals of better risk-adjusted returns.

4-Step Investment Management Process

“Find a trend and throw yourself in front of it.”
                                                     Warren Buffet

Step 1:  Identifying Trends - Consistently catching the short-term swings in the financial markets is nearly impossible.  Instead we focus on longer-term themes and seek to profit from them as the develop and mature.

Using advanced technology to sift through vast amounts of data we are able to identify potential trends and turning points. This technology, coupled with our years of experience helps us make better investment decisions.

Step 2:  Macro Top-Down Analysis – From 30 thousand feet we select what we feel are the core asset classes to best take advantage of the trends or themes we have identified.

Step 3:  Micro Bottoms-Up Analysis – With thousands of investment vehicles to choose from we utilize multiple qualitative & quantitative analysis tools to narrow down to a select group of core strategies.  This list represents what we believe are the best investments for the dozens of asset classes we track.

Step 4:  Risk Management - Our "Advance and Protect Strategy" is a capital preservation model with an offensive strategy.  Its primary goal is to control risk.  The objective of the process is to capture growth when the market is rising and protect principal when the market is falling.  This strict buy and sell discipline is the foundation of the Advance and Protect Strategy. 

"There are two kinds of losses.  A loss of capital and a loss of opportunity; but there will always be another opportunity if you protect capital."   

                                                          Louise Yamada, Investment Analyst


 *No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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